Why You Should Enlist Your Child for The Army Cadets

The Army Cadet Charter

54d4c9fdb7197You’ve probably gone through the Army Cadet charter, which talks about providing adventurous, community and challenging military action to foster good qualities in every citizen.

All these are done through progressive training that builds the youth’s confidence, service, loyalty and the desire to work with the community.

Though this seems quite formal and stringent, you should be happy to know that the army cadet training is a place where your child can make a lot of good friends who will help him or her become a better person.

You don’t need to worry about your child getting mixed up in destructive activities such as continuous partying, teen sex, drugs or crime. The cadet movement is founded on the need to bring up responsible citizens who feel the need to give back to the society and to uphold good morals.

The first thing you are going to notice in your child after joining the cadet is that they will have a new sense of confidence, discipline and pride in their uniform. You will no longer have to repeat and repeat and repeat to them the importance of cleaning their rooms or becoming a little more caring of their surroundings.

Cadet training instills discipline without being too imposing.

Teamwork is another useful life lesson that our young children learn from taking part in the army cadet training. Parents whose children have enrolled for the cadet program have appreciated the fact that their children are more involved in family activities. The youth actually relate better with their parents and siblings after the training.

So, you really have nothing to fear. Your child will be in the best possible hands and the additional qualifications will help them land better jobs when they get into the job market. Start talking to your child and let them know all the good things they stand to gain.