Why Join The Army Cadet Force?

Special Calling To Serve

maxresdefault-5Do you ever feel like you have a special calling to serve others? Well, the Army Cadet Force is just the right movement for you.

You get to learn amazing skills such as First Aid, Strategic Management and Basic Defense, serve your community and most of all, and get recognized by the Army Services through awards from City and Guilds.

The Army Cadet Force is also a great place for teenagers and other young people to learn new skills with a sneak peek of the army life, meet new friends, get real qualifications that will boost their profiles and also take part in mind blowing adventures.

  • Instilling Discipline

Worried about your teen getting into destructive activities such as premarital sex, drugs, partying and more? The Army Cadet Force is the perfect place to instill discipline while making them feel good about themselves.

Cadet trainees go for weekly training at designated camps in addition to a once-a-year fortnight camp away from home.

  • Fun activities

Canoeing, shooting, military skills, navigation, mountain climbing and biking are some of the great activities that take place during training.

For safety purposes, the cadet detachments are trained by qualified Army Cadet Force adults in the ratio of one to six to ensure the best quality training.

In addition, female trainees are assigned female supervisors to ensure their comfort throughout the training process.

Joining the Army Cadet Force brings so many fulfillments in knowing you are better equipped to come to the rescue of your community in situations that require First Aid and other emergencies.

Nothing feels better than sharing your skills with people who need them. Do you admire the way military men and women carry themselves? Well, here is your chance to get a taste of their life. Who knows, you may like it so much that you may end up serving your country by joining the military!