What It Means To Join the Army Cadet

No Free Pass Into The Army

fieldcraft_3_1200_299_80_sJoining the Army Cadet essentially means you are going to get into a whole new level of activities that you wouldn’t do in your normal day-to-day life.

Though this does not give you a free pass into the army, you get a fancy uniform without paying a single cent and a nice pair of military boots – is there a better deal in the world?

You also gain first class access to activities at a reduced rate.

  • Fun expeditions

These are the central part of the Army Cadet life. You could find yourself taking a fun trek across the Grand Canyon or camping in a beautiful forest.

You also get a chance to travel to countries like Kenya and Peru to take part in community projects such as building houses and toilets for the poor.

  • Camping

Expeditions train you on camping tricks, including the basic techniques of survival and adapting to different environments. Before embarking on any expedition, you will first learn how to choose special clothing for your destination and pack them with all the equipment you will need.

  • Adventure

If the spirit of adventure runs through your veins, then the Army Cadet is the right place to be. You get to feed your inner adventure junkie with kayaking, skiing, rock climbing, mountaineering, open canoeing, white water rafting and so much more.

Once you celebrate your sixteenth birthday and qualify for a senior cadet, you can pursue the Intermediate qualifications in canoeing, mountaineering, skiing and biking. These skills will not only improve your physical fitness, but you will learn a host of skills that will come in handy in your lifetime.

The Army Cadet is founded on excellence and you can expect nothing short of that. Give it a go today and we guarantee your life will never be the same again.