To Join Or Not To Join The Combined Cadet Force?

Rite Of Passage

combined-cadet-force-ccfSeveral decades ago, the cadet movement was seen as a necessary rite of passage for teenage boys with the aim of imparting discipline into their lives and teaching them what was viewed as basic life skills. However, only a handful of young men could withstand the intense training. They include camouflage skills, drills and long, long marches round and round a field.

However, things have today taken a new twist with young people, both female and male, gathering in the hundreds and thousands to enlist for the military sponsored exercise.

Surprisingly, the cadet is extremely popular among women. Their numbers have doubled in the last year alone.

Since it’s official inception in 1860 by Queen Victoria, major improvements have taken place. These changes have made it the perfect destination for young people looking to discover who they are. Youth also learn life-changing skills that will ultimately improve their quality of life.

Victoria emphasized the importance of training youth for the harsh realities of the world.

Female cadets will tell you the self-confidence and discipline that comes with being part of one of the best movements in the world has helped them greatly in dealing with body image problems.

The intense military exercises also go a long way in improving their physical appearance, thus boosting their confidence altogether.

Joining the cadet movement gives trainees a strong sense of involvement that motivates them to want to serve others more and help them improve their lives. How good would it feel to perform First Aid on someone in a critical condition and helping save their life? These are some of the things that Army Cadets do on a daily basis.

So back to our question; to join or not join the combined cadet force? Well, there is nothing to lose but so much to gain!