Frequently Asked Questions about Joining TheArmy Cadet

Frequently Asked Questions

  • photo18What’s the minimum age of joining?

You should be at least 12 years of age and enrolled for year 8 of school for you to enlist for the army cadet.

  • Will you have to join the military after becoming an army cadet?

Absolutely not. The military is the main sponsor of the Army Cadet but it is not mandatory for you to enlist for the military. Joining the cadet is meant to equip you with life’s basic skills but not to make you eligible for the military, unless it’s something you’d like to pursue.

  • What’s the cost of the uniform?

It is 100 percent free of charge. The moment you join, you are given an Army Cadet Force uniform however, you will need to buy a good pair of boots. Those don’t come cheap or for free!

  • What’s the training schedule?

Most trainees meet for a maximum of two evenings per week with scheduled weekend meetings that involve adventurous competitions. Most meetings however run for about two hours.

  • Is it a must that you maintain short hair?

You don’t have to maintain short hair however, if you have long hair, it’s advisable for you to tie it up so it doesn’t get caught up in the rigorous activities. A high knot can come in handy, especially when doing military boot camps.

  • What do I stand to gain from joining the Army Cadet Force?

There are a good number of qualifications that are offered to senior cadets, that is, those who are above 16 years of age. The Cadet Vocational Qualification Organization provides a number of skills, including strategic management, First Aid, music, public service and ILM certification.

Now that we are clear on the most common questions about the Army Cadet Force, you can now join the movement and start having the experience and fun of your life as you mingle with likeminded people.