Strongest Youth Movement In The World

Joining the strongest youth movement in the world has its fair share of challenges. The most obvious and top of the list is that you get to experience the military lifestyle you’ve been longing for since you can remember.

This includes fun anthems, sporting activities, shooting, military boot camp, adventurous training… we could go on and on.

The moment you join the Army Cadet, you are placed in a group of about six fellow youth who become your friends and family. These people will have your back at all times or a majority of them. They will be your friends and bonds formed in the Army Cadet last forever.

  • Socializing

If socializing is your thing, then you are going to love the annual Army Cadet Camp that brings together all trainees from different detachments in the country.

Here you meet people from all over UK with whom you get to share your fun experiences as well as the adventurous activities slotted for the camp.

  • Army proficiency certificate

Who doesn’t like garnering a new qualification to add to their resume? Well, the Army Cadet training syllabus teaches you a bucket-load of skills, including First Aid, leadership skills and personal discipline, all which strengthen your self-confidence and hope for the future.

  • Become a more empowered person

By the time you are through with your training, you will be able to take charge of almost all scenarios that you are faced with. You learn how to stay calm under pressure, organize your daily tasks, and be a team player and so much more.

In truth, enlisting for the Army Cadet provides you with a rare opportunity of building yourself to become a better person and puts you in a better position to support your community. Give it a try today, we assure you, it will pay off!